Puna Subdivision Overview

This overview, while believed to be reasonably accurate, is subject to changes made over the years. Please verify all information that may be pertinent to your property purchase. This  overview is meant to give a basic snapshot most of the subdivisions in the Puna District of the Big Island of Hawaii.  Most of the lots are zoned Agricultural.  Transfer fees may apply when purchasing property.

AINALOA 3,637 Lots most being 12,000 square feet with some paved roads and some graded. There are CCR’s and association dues are $150 per year. Lava Zone 3. Catchment water and SSPP may apply for power. Septic tanks required. Go to www.ainaloacommunityassociation.net for more information.

FERN ACRES 2,021 Lots and most are 2 acres in size. Most roads are paved and private. Annual road maintenance fee is $110. FACA association dues are $30.  Septic tanks required now. Lava Zone is 3. Overhead electricity available for most lots.  Fee may apply.  Go to www.fernacres.org for more information.

HAWAIIAN ACRES 3,944 Lots and most are 3 acres. Private, graded roads some of which are rough.  Membership in the Association is voluntary.  Dues are $30 and are used for road maintenance.  There are no CCR’s. One ares of the subdivision is prone to flooding. Water is by catchment, SSPP applies and varies. Septic tanks are required now.  Lava  Zone 3. Go to www.hawaiianacres.org for more information.

HAWAIIAN BEACHES, PARKS, SHORES, & SHORES RECREATIONAL ESTATES 4 parellel subdivisons with 3,195 Lots from 9,000 square feet to 20,000 square feet all with paved roads, private water, power and phone. Lots closer to the ocean are smaller. Only Hawaiian Shores Recreational estates has CCR’s, private roads (rest are county) and a community center with pool, tennis courts, picnic area, etc.  Annual association dues of approximately $325. Lava Zone 2. Septic tanks required. Go to www.hawaiianshores.org for more information.

HAWAIIAN PARADISE PARK 8,843 Lots, most of them being 1 acre. Closer to the ocean lots are 1/2 acre and 1/4 acre. Main Roads in are paved, others graded.  No CCR’s, road maintenance fees are approximately $180 annually. Dues may increase by 10% per year to pay for additional road paving.  Lava Zone 3. Catchment water. SSPP may apply for power. Septic tanks required now for all lots.  Go to www.hppoa.com for more information.

KALAPANA SEAVIEW ESTATES 993 Lots 7,500 square feet and larger. Roads are paved, SSPP applies and is $2,820 to connect to power, water is via catchment.  CCR’s apply, roads are county, annual association dues are $25. Lava zone 2.   Septic tanks are required now for all lots.   Lava Zone 2. Go to www.kalapanaseaviewhawaii.org for more information.

KAPOHO BEACH LOTS 185 Lots of varying size. Roads are paved with chip and seal and are private, being owned by the KBCA Road Association. Private water from Kapoho Water Co.. CCR’s apply and annual association dues are $175 per year per lot and an additional $175 per year per dwelling unit. The only gated community on this side of the island. Ocean access for residents to various points in the subdivision including Champagne Pond. Lava Zone 2. Septic or aerobic septic tanks are required. Go to www.kapohobeachlots.info for more information.

KAPOHO VACATIONLAND  Unit 1, Houselots – 194 lots most being 8,000 sq ft.  Unit 2, Farm Lots – 90 lots most being 5 acres.  Private roads, paved in Unit 1, paved and graded in Unit 2.  All utilities including water administered by Kapoho Kai Water Co. in Unit 1, County water in Unit 2.   VHCA road association dues are $221 per year for residential and $292 per year for commercial (which includes vacation rentals).  These fees are subject to increase. Vacationland surrounds and provides public access to the Waiopae Marine Sanctuary which has some of the best snorkeling on this side of the island.  For more information go to www.vhca.info.   Unit 1 is Lava Zone 2, Unit 2 is Lava Zone 2 and 1.

KEHENA BEACH ESTATES Approximately 190 lots, 9,000 sq ft in size except for the 20 oceanfront lots that vary in size.  Subdivision is located above Kehena black sand beach.  SSPP of $2820 applies for power.  Roads are County and paved. CC&Rs but no HOA.  Septic tanks are required.

LANIPUNA GARDENS 130 lots, mostly 1 acre.  Two major roads, both paved.  Electricity and county water available.  Lava Zone 1.  Septic tanks required.  No community association.

LEILANI ESTATES 2,266 lots most being 1 acre in size. Roads are paved, water is by catchment, power is available. There are CCR’s and annual association dues of $90. Lava Zone 1.   Septic tanks required. Go to www.leilani.org for more information.

NANAWALE ESTATES (pronounced Na-Na-Va-Ley) 3,440 Lots of approximately 8,040 square feet on average, some are larger. Main roads are paved, the rest are graded. Water is by catchment, power available if Albizia trees not in the way.  CCR’s apply and annual association dues are $81. Lava Zone 2. Septic tanks required. For more information go to www.nanawale.com.

ORCHID LAND ESTATES 2,491 Lots from 1 to 3 acres in size. Most roads are graded but some pavement on main roads. No CCR’s, road maintenance is $85 annually and there is an annual fee of $100 for road paving. Lava Zone 3. Catchment water, SSPP may apply for power. Septic tanks are required.  Go to www.orchidlandestates.org for more information.

PUNA BEACH PALISADES 151 Lots approximately half acre in size. Roads are county and paved, water is by catchment, SSPP for power is $2,820 per lot. There are CCR’s, but no dues and no homeowners association. Roads are County.  Lava Zone 2. Septic tanks required.

WAA WAA 179 lots most being 3.44 acres with 50 oceanfront lots varying in size. Unpaved roads and totally off the grid. Aloha Broadband is available for internet and some cell phones work here. No homeowners association or dues. Oceanfront access for property
owners through one lot on ocean side. Lava Zone 2. Septic tanks required. Catchment water.

There are other subdivisions not addressed here. The newspaper at one time printed that there were over 55,000 lots in the Puna district and this district is bigger than the island of Oahu.  Any specific lot should be thoroughly researched individually rather than relying on any information herein.